Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

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What is Online Reputation Management ?

Your online reputation is your image on the Internet. Online reputation management is about improving or restoring your name or your brand’s good standing. This is by countering, weaking or eliminating the negative material found in the Internet defeating it with more positive material to improving your credibility and customer’s trust in you.

Why your Online Reputation matters ?

Potential customers change purchase decisions when they see bad reviews, negative blog posts and comments which can spread in various channels such as in search engine results and in social media networks. These can gravely affect your brand and your business. That’s why it’s important to have your online reputation monitored and have these negativities mitigated, while building positive reputation.

Facts :

  • Consumers trust online reviews 12x more than product descriptions
  • 87% of executives say managing company reputation is more important than managing strategic risk
  • 83% of companies will face a crisis that negatively impacts their share price between 20% and 30%, during the next five years
  • 35% have eliminated candidates based on the information they found
  • 77% of exectuive recruiters use search engines to research applicants

How can we build a better reputation ?

Options :

  • Remove damaging content
  • Build an online presence conveying trust and expertise
  • Suppress negative links off the first page of Google searches

Our Online Management Reputation Services

  • Analysis of the website and negative reviews
  • Optimize current social media profiles and new profiles
  • Submit positive posts and comments on a blog or social media sites
  • Create multiple new blogs and manage it
  • Write attractive, positive reviews and blogs
  • Elimination of negative branding
  • Monitoring your brand name and awareness
  • Using effective SEO techniques to increase search engine ranking
  • Enhance the visibility of positive reviews

Terms and Conditions

You can find our terms and conditions for online reputation management services by following this link.

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