Investigative Services

Investigative Services​

Background Check

We provide our clients with a full background check – due diligence – skip trace services and cyber background checks aimed at verifying the information about people and corporations. We also offer cyber background checks.

Corporate IT Investigation

We provide clients with top intelligence and counter-intelligence services aimed at protecting their business.

Financial Fraud

Our team of financial professionals can conduct fraud investigations and financial due diligence.

Investigative Services

We provide attorneys and victims with investigative services aimed at collecting and corroborating evidence necessary to defend their case.

Privacy Protection

We provide clients with top privacy protection services aimed at protecting your privacy from those who are too curious or who might pose a threat to your reputation (identity theft, revealing information online, etc.).

Cryptocurrency Investigation​

We provide clients with cryptocurrency investigations and cryptocurrency forensics aimed at helping the recover their cryptocurrencies or avoiding being victim of criminal organizations.